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Case Studies

  • Atwell Branch Sewer

    Atwell Branch Sewer

    Atwell Branch Sewer – 1.3kms 900 GRP pipe. Drain Clean, CCTV Inspection and Laser Profiling (for Greater Western Water)

  • Deanside Central Stage 3

    Deanside Central Stage 3

    Investigating a 600m 1200 RCP Pipe (for Greater Western Water)

  • Botanica Branch Sewer

    Botanica Branch Sewer

    Investigating a gravity sewer consisting of approximately 400m of DN450 GRP pipes (for Yarra Valley Water)

  • Lockerbie Branch Serwer

    Lockerbie Branch Serwer

    CCTV of 450m of DN225 to DN450mm gravity sewer along. (Yarra Valley Water)

  • Whiteslane Branch Sewer

    Whiteslane Branch Sewer

    The gravity sewer consists of approximately 500m of DN525 and DN375 polypropylene and PVC pipe at depths from 3-5m (for Yarra Valley Water)

  • Botanical Highlander Branch Sewer

    Botanical Highlander Branch Sewer

    Trenchless install of gravity sewer consisting of around 500m of 376mm and 272mm GRP jacking pipe 9-11m underground (for Yarra Valley Water)

  • Grandview Branch Sewer

    Grandview Branch Sewer

    CCTV of 450m of DN300 gravity sewer along the future Grand Boulevard in Truganina (for Greater Western Water)

  • Mt Atkinson Outlet Sewer

    Mt Atkinson Outlet Sewer

    CCTV of gravity sewer consisting of 4km of pipe, predominantly DN750, 675 and 650 GRP (for Greater Western Water)

  • Alamora Branch Sewer

    Alamora Branch Sewer

    CCTV of 300m of DN375 of PE gravity sewer (for Greater Western Water)


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