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Trenchless Repairs/ Pipeline Rehabilitation Applications

The Quick-Lock system is suitable for repairing most common forms of damage found in sewer networks, such as:

  • Water infiltration/exfiltration
  • Water infiltration at displaced joints
  • Root intrusion / infiltration
  • Closing dormant or unused inflows
  • Overcoming joint displacement
  • Suitable for use in horizontal or vertical sections of pipe
  • Cracked, fragmented, or deformed pipes; longitudinal, cross-sectional, and radial cracks
  • Repairs of well piping, possible even under water
  • Available as a perforated sleeve for drainage lines and filter piping rehabilitation
  • Repairs of pressure piping possible up to 10 bar/145psi

Trenchless Repairs / Pipeline Rehabilitation

Leading Civil Solutions are certified installation partners of Quick-Lock Australia. The Quick-Lock system is made of stainless-steel sleeves, which are surrounded by a seamless EDPM rubber compression gasket.

Each Sleeve has integrated ratchet mechanisms that allow them to first be rolled tight to fit inside the pipe being repaired, and then to be expanded to the optimal pressure with the Quick-Lock packer, at which point the ratchet locks the sleeve in place.

The specially developed, pneumatically operated packers are selected depending on the sleeve size and are positioned at the damaged section using a modified CCTV system.

Operational Performance

  • Manufactured from the tried, tested, quality materials of V4A stainless steel and EDPM rubber gaskets, ensuring a high life expectancy and durability, corrosion, and heat resistance
  • Installed correctly, Quick-Lock sleeved sections reach standards set out for newly installed pipe systems
  • The completely mechanical Quick-Lock system ensures no chemicals, resins or glues are required and is therefore suitable for use in all forms of pipes/surfaces, even drinking/potable water pipes
  • Quick-Lock sleeves are available in lengths of: 400mm (DN 150 – DN 400); 500mm (DN 450 – DN 800)
  • Quick-Lock sleeves can be overlapped to cover longer sections of damaged pipe


The Quick-Lock system has been designed and developed using the feedback of installation partners, and the basic principles of:

  • Easy installation
  • Little or no preparation required
  • Minimal risk of mistakes

Quick-Lock sleeves create a structural point repair, with minimal cross-sectional area loss, allowing for the continuation of standard maintenance such as high-pressure cleaning and root removal, even with the most aggressive equipment.