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CCTV Inspections & Condition Assessments Reporting of Sewer and Stormwater Pipes.

Leading Civil Solutions uses the latest fibre-optic video technology to find the root cause of any stormwater or sewer piping issues. This technology uses fibre-optic cameras to provide footage that clients can view live on-site as well as revisit the footage afterward, providing timely and detailed inspection reporting.

We provide photographs of each stage of the inspection as well as the mp4 recording which our clients can view on a DVD or USB. The CCTV systems that we use can survey pipes for up to 200 meters and can access pipes that are between 150mm to 1800mm in diameter. Our investigative CCTV service also has confined space equipment to enable us to walk-through an issue or perform deep-pit investigations.

All Leading Civil Solutions inspection reports are fully compliant with the Sewer Inspection Reporting Code of Australia WSA-05-2008, WSA-05-2006 and the SEWRAT Australian Conduit Condition Evaluation Manual. Once we have completed the CCTV investigation, we will provide clients with expert advice on the best solution.

Laser Profiling of Sewer and Stormwater Pipes

Leading Civil Solutions provides laser profiling services to our clients. We can complete a continuous CCTV survey on pipelines, structures and up to 500 lineal metres with specialised survey equipment.

Laser profiling is an extension to our CCTV services but does not replace the traditional CCTV Pipeline inspection. The utilisation of laser profiling can provide.

  • Proof soft wall pipes meets industry standards
  • Provide accuracy of the thickness of the remaining pipe walls with older concrete pipes with corrosion
  • Calculate a measurement for any deformation in stormwater brick drains
  • Measure the size of any other pipe defects including water ponding, holes, protrusions
  • Provide comprehensive report to assist clients make decisions on future storm water and sewer maintenance programs