Stormwater & Sewer
Pipe Cleaning
Melbourne’s Trusted Provider for Stormwater
& Sewer Pipe Cleaning.

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Cleaning Jetting/Root Cutting with Water Recycling Services.

We have experienced, accredited operators for all industrial cleaning, sewer, drain, and culvert clearing and cleaning purposes, including:

  • Cleaning sewer pipes, stormwater drains and culverts.
  • Drain cleaning of silt, debris, and fats
  • Flood recovery works
  • Clearing of blockages and root removal
  • Manhole and pit cleaning
  • Reservoir and pump station cleaning
  • Gross pollutant trap cleaning
  • Tank, well and vessel cleaning

  • Stormwater & Sewer Pipe
  • Gross Pollutant Trap
  • Open Water Bodies, Water Ways and Bushland Reserves

Leading Civil Solutions have one of the most powerful and efficient hydro jet systems in Melbourne, capable of clearing a wide range of blockages including sand, dirt, roots, and debris.

Our combination truck effortlessly cleans pipes from 200mm – 2200mm. The centralizer fi ns on our warthog nozzles are streamlined to allow the rear facing jets to be angled more sharply, giving the tool more forward thrust. The result is more pulling power to handle longer lines and moderate inclines. We also hold numerous nozzles including chain flails and sleds for complex root cutting.

All Leading Civil Solutions units also feature quick connections to hydrants for large diameter water supply for our onboard tanks, ensuring fast and efficient clearing practices.

The Leading Civil Solutions trucks are state of the art and available for clearing blockages, general cleaning or root cutting of sewers, storm water drains and pits. Our vehicles are equipped with 220m of hose to make even the most distant job easy.